Tuesday, June 9, 2009


If my blog looks strange to you, it's because I'm changing it to my Floral Fun background I made! If anyone wants some original backgrounds, contact me!


~Awel Prince~ said...

Emily, I can't figure out how to contatct you, but would you be willing to make me a custom one??? Please! Could you comment back on my blog so I don't miss your answer... :)
If you want to, I'd like it to be a dark burgundy, with swirly stuff like you did for Earwen.... :) Thanks

~Awel Prince~ said...

Thank you so much, Emily!!!!! and thanks for commenting bakc on my blog... I didn't get the email/comment you sent, maybe blogger blocked it for somereason..dunno.
Well, I'd like it without the Fairy Tale stickers, if it's not too much trouble! If it is, never mind... =) I pretty much make my own headers...so if you want to, you can do one, I might use it! :)I dunno if I need anything else!

Thanks for you time! I appreciate it!


Lauren Ann said...

is my title still messed up?

Lauren Ann said...

oh. i could not see the blog title. i actually went into html and deleted the widget.