Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Freebies: Backgrounds

***Go to THIS post to see how to use my backgrounds!***

Here are some free backgrounds for you to use!

City Scene 1 (For Brunettes):

City Scene 2 (For Blondes):

Bamboo 1:

And if you don't like yoga, here's a panda one!

Bamboo 2:

If you want any of these backgrounds, leave a comment and I'll get working on them! Thanks!


√čarwen said...


Vickychick said...

There sooo cute!

Emii said...

Ohh, how awesome! Your so good at making/designing...


Adori Graphics said...

I love that third one - so cute :)

I can't believe you're only 13 - your designs are fab!

Louise x

Angelinia said...

I posted your blog along with one of the backgrounds on my blog. Please visit at anytime at: God Bless

Myranda said...

i would love to get that panda background what is the HTML code?????