Saturday, June 13, 2009

For Awel Prince

***Go to THIS post to see how to use my backgrounds!***

Awel Prince, your background is done with no embellishments or 3 column!

You said you would make your own header, so that's why I didn't include a matching header, but if you want one later, I'd be glad to make you one!

Direct Link:

ALSO!!! This is for Earwen and Awel (And anyone who takes my backgrounds!). PLEASE give me credit for the background! Use my button or write a little something, but I would like it if you gave me credit! Thank you!!!


~Awel Prince~ said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'll try to put it up as soon as possible and I WILL give credit, I planed on it anyway! :)


√čarwen said...

Emily - hey, don't beat yourself up about it! =D
Swirlies are GREAT! Try and make it foresty/oceany colors, if that's OK with you!
A matching header would be AWESOME - (It might not work, etc. but it would be SO worth a try!)