Thursday, December 2, 2010

Portfolio Post

Name: Emily {Me!]
Blog: The Chic Boutique Blog Design {here!}
What She {I} Got:
Image Mapped header
Image Mapped sidebar
Blog Button

I thought it was high time that TCBBD had a facelift! Sorry I've been MIA for so long... But to celebrate my 'new' blog, I'll be having a giveaway or two here soon! So stay tuned! :) Let me know in the comments if there is anything I should add that would make everything easier :) Have a great day!

Extras Points

  • Background - 5 points
  • Header - 5 points
  • Header {with links- EXAMPLE} - 10 points 
  • Header {with photos} - 15 points
  • Blog Button - 4 points
  • Signature - 2 points
  • Post Divider - 4 points
  • Footer - 2 points
  • Fonts - 10 points
  • Menu Bar {Images} - Each image = 3 points {EXAMPLE}
  • Menu Bar {Drop-Down} - {5 links across, 1 drop-down with 4 links. EXAMPLE} = 15 points. Each additional link across = 2 points. Each additional drop-down link = 2 points.
  • Menu Bar {Links} - Each link = 2 points {EXAMPLE}
  • Social Network Button - 1 point each
  • Sponsors - 8 points for 2 'your ad' buttons PLUS 2 custom sponsor buttons.
  • Rotating Header - Each slide = 5 points  
  • Vector Graphic {Please click here to see my recommended sources!} - Depends on the graphic you buy
If you would like to purchase more EXTRA points, please contact me and we can work out pricing.

Contact me if there is an extra you would like that is not on this list.

Blog Packages

*** Click here to see if there are any specials currently available! ***

- Background
- Header
- Blog Button
- Signature
+ 3 EXTRAS points
Price: $25

- Background
- Header
- Blog Button
- Signature
+ 10 EXTRAS points
Price: $40

- Background
- Header
- Blog Button
- Signature
+ 20 EXTRAS points
Price: $65

- Background
- Header
- Blog Button
- Signature
+ 35 EXTRAS points
Price: $90

Why Choose TCBBD?

There are SO many blog designers around, so why pick me? 
  • Fast Service. Your main design will {under most circumstances} be finished within 2 weeks {3 weeks at the latest}. I do everything I can to have YOUR design finished for you in a short amount of time! {During holiday seasons, business may be busier, therefore causing your design to take longer. Contact me to get an estimate as to when your design could be finished!}
  • Inexpensive. My blog packages begin at $25, and have oodles of stuff to choose from! Get a beautiful blog design, for super cheap!
  • You get what you want. I do everything I can to ensure that you get the design you paid for! I pay close attention to detail, and will try to get exactly what you want. Everything from the background to the blog button is created with you in mind!
  • You are involved. I will correspond {via e-mail} very regularly with you throughout your design process, to make sure you are getting exactly what you want! You will be able to view my customer test blog, so you can see a live view of what your blog will look like! Everything is run by you, to make sure you love it!
Any other questions as to why you should choose TCBBD? Ask me here