Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Maiden's Musings

Oh, and sorry that is says A Maidens's Musings :) I fixed it though :) Hehe...

Name: Morgan
Blog: A Maiden's Musings
What She Got:
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Thanks Morgan!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am very very sorry to all of you who have been very patiently waiting. I am SO busy right now! I have school, I have at least seven people waiting for makeovers, and I am just way too busy! I have decided to close down my Blog Button slots, so I won't be making those anymore. I am also praying and asking God if this is really what He wants me to be doing. This is taking up a lot of my time, so I'll try to make my decision soon. Thank you all!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Freebies: Fall Maple Set

My first downloadable freebie! Go HERE to see a preview!

Fall Maple

So what do you think? Tell me if you use it!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pre-Made Template: Princess Lolly

This Pre-Made Template comes complete with Header, Background (2 Column or 3 Column), and any other 'extras' you might want.

Click here to see a live blog of 'Princess Lolly'!

Stay tune for more Pre-Made Template!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tutorial: New Post Editor

Hello friends! Have you heard everyone talking about Blogger's new post editor? Well I have too, and I decided to check it out! So for those of you interested, here are the instructions:
1. Go to your Blogger Settings.
2. Under Basic, scroll all the way to the bottom.
3. Under Global Settings where it says 'Select Post Editor', check 'Update Editor'.
4. Click Save and Done!
It is very simple! Here are some things you will be able to do with the new editor:
1. Strikethroughs. These are very fun! I wrote a tutorial on them, but now that you have the new post editor, you won't need it! Here is an example:
I hate love tomatoes!

2. Undo button! Like if you accidentally delete a picture... UNDO, and presto! Your picture is back!
3. More Fonts! Fun Fun Fun!!!
4. This feature was on the old editor too, but smallest, small, normal, large, and largest text. 
5. Bold text.
6. Italic text. 
7. Text Colors!
8. Text Background color! This is a very cool feature, especially if you are using blockquotes! Then it looks really neat! 
9. A new link bar. It is bigger and you can select the text. 
10. You can number things: 
  1. Volleyball
  2. Soccer
  3. Basketball 
 11. Or bullets:
  • Red
  • Orange 
  • Yellow
  • Green
 Well that's all! Hope it helps!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another one for the portfolio...

Name: Shawn
Blog: Daily Deliciousness!
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