Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am very very sorry to all of you who have been very patiently waiting. I am SO busy right now! I have school, I have at least seven people waiting for makeovers, and I am just way too busy! I have decided to close down my Blog Button slots, so I won't be making those anymore. I am also praying and asking God if this is really what He wants me to be doing. This is taking up a lot of my time, so I'll try to make my decision soon. Thank you all!


Adori Graphics said...

I reckon I spend at LEAST 40 hours a week doing blog designs on top of my 35 hour regular job )no joke). Its alot to be doing when you have school on as well though and I think (sorry to sound old and boring) that needs to come first. You can come back to blog design any time and during school holidays but you only really get one chance at an education. Trust me its hard to go back to school when you're older. Your designs are lovely and I'm sure if you only stuck to making them in the scholl holidays that people would wait :)

Louise xx

LaSara said...

Thats fine Emily. I Will let you know if I want to start that blog. :-)

Laney said...

I completely understand what you mean. Well, mostly :) You are a really great designer, but it can definitely be hard in the middle of school. Especially since your blog is so popular! I never have any slots filled! :)


LaSara said...

For now I guess you can take me off the list. : )

Ashley said...

Would you like some help? I know how to put this stuff on the blog, although I don't know how to make backgrounds or anything yet. If you want to, and are able to, you can send me the codes or whatever for everything, and I'll put them on the blog for people. And I should be able to make buttons if people want them, although I'll be making them on photoshop instead of like you do.