Terms & Conditions

***Here are the Terms and Conditions if you want a custom design by me!***

Custom Blog Makeovers: 
  1. I will accept your payment right before I install your makeover. However, at the very beginning of your design process I will send you a bill of how much you will need to pay. 
  2. I will not accept refunds under any circumstances.
  3. If payment has not been made, I have the right the delete your graphics from my photo-hosting site.
  4. I will accept your payment through PayPal.

  1. I will send you a preview (or draft) at the end of your design so that you can approve it. 
  2. I will be sending you e-mails testing your blog button, signature, footer, etc. I will make changes as necessary, but these things:
  • Font changes
  • Extremely different color schemes (i.e. you said you wanted your background to be a certain color and then you completely changed your mind and went with a different color)
         will require an extra charge (I will discuss the charges with you personally should there be any).

  1. If you are interested in a graphic, you must buy it. I will not buy graphics (Such as istockphoto, dreamstime, etc).
  2. Once your makeover is completed, you may NOT alter my work. i.e. using only part of my design (Like only keeping your blog button, etc).
  3. Any other designer may not edit my graphics. 
  4. You may NOT sell my design or install it in another blogger's blog.
  1. You must leave my button up on your blog at all times while your makeover is up on your blog.
 Template Changes:
  1. While I am installing your design, some things in your sidebar may be re-arranged. I use my own template, so therefore some widgets may be deleted from your blog. Please save any widgets you wish to keep before I install your design. I am not responsible for any lost sidebar content
  2. If you wish for me to add any extra sidebar widgets that I did not create (i.e. blinkees from The Cutest Blog on the Block), there will be an added charge (I will discuss the charge personally with you should there be any). 
  3. I will save a copy of your template before I install your new template and send it to you so that you may keep it.

Pre-made Templates:
  1. Before I install your pre-made template, I will send you your bill for the template. Any extras you buy will be added onto the template cost. 
  2. I will send you my PayPal link for payment.
  1. Pre-made templates do not come with drafts, but I will be sending you e-mails throughout the design process about blog buttons, footers, post dividers, etc. 
  2. If you don't like the font that came with the template, I will change it only 1 time. If you still don't like it, I will have to charge $5 to change the fonts. 
  1. You may not edit my graphics after your design has been installed. 
  2. You may not duplicate my designs and/or sell it to others.
  3. All graphics on pre-made templates are final (i.e. you cannot ask me to change a graphic that comes with the template).
  1. Different then a Custom Blog Makeover, your credits button will say something like 'Using Pre-made Template _____ by The Chic Boutique Blog Design' instead of just 'Blog Design by The Chic Boutique Blog Design'. 
  2. My credits must remain on your blog at all times while your design is up. 
Template Changes:
  1. Your pre-made template will have it's own template that I will install in your blogs HTML. Since I am doing this, it may cause you to lose some graphics on your sidebar. Please save any graphics you wish to keep before I begin installation.
  2. I will save a copy of your template before I install your new template and send it to you so that you may keep it.