Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tutorial: Scrolling Text

Hi everyone! Here is my tutorial for how to do scrolling text (Look above my posts). I got this from Freckled Designs.

Ready? O.K., here we go!

1. Log in to your blogger account and go to your layout.
2. Select 'Add a Gadget'.
3. Select the HTML/JavaScript gadget.
4. Enter this code:

5. Where it says 'YOUR TEXT HERE' type in the desired text.
6. Done!


Yay! You're done! What do you think of your new scrolling text?



Ëarwen said...

How do you make an HTML'd blog button, like your Rain Day Blog Design button?

Ëarwen said...


Kendra Logan said...

It won't work for me...there isn't a "YOUR TEXT HERE" place...Darn, I'm so computer challenged -_-

Vickychick said...

Yay I did it!!!! I thought it was much harder to do! Thanks a bunch, I started following your blog!!!!! ( :

Mrs. Sherry said...

Hi! Thanks for these tutorials! However, it made my background disappear and my snow. I deleted it. What do I need to do to get the scrolling text with other things also?

Mrs. Sherry said...

Yeah! It worked! I have just started blogging about 2-3 weeks ago. Thanks for posting my blog! I have had the best time with it. I just have SO much to learn! Is there a way to make that font bigger or change the color of the font that is scrolling? You ARE the expert!


Misty said...

woohoo! LOVE IT!!