Friday, June 5, 2009

Earwen's Background: EDITED!!!

***Go to THIS post to see how to use my backgrounds!***

My bloggy friend, Earwen, decided upon THIS background! Congratulations Earwen! Here is the direct link:

For easy instructions on how to use my background click on the link at the top of this post. If you need more instructions, click on the 'Contact Me' button to your right. It looks like this:

And here is your matching header with YOUR blog title:

Again, if you don't like the text or color, CONTACT ME and I'll try and fix it.

And here is Earwen's Story blog layout:

Direct Link:
Thanks for choosing my backgrounds Earwen! Have a wonderful day!


Ëarwen said...

Oops! LOVE the header, but it's 'Shieldmaiden' not 'Shieldmaid'
Do you think you could fix that, if it wouldn't be a hassle?

Ëarwen said...

Now, *ahem*, could you do the other one for my stories blog?
You're REALLY good at this!

Ëarwen said...

Is it 2 column? Cuz that's what I need.
I have 3 column right now which I'm undoing, but will it look OK once I'm done with that?

Ëarwen said...

Wait! i can't undo the 3 column - could you make it a 3 column?
I am SO sorry for all of this!
But I am taking your dragon one for my stories blog!! Yay!

Emii said...

Your blog is SO cool! I love it!

xox emii

~Awel Prince~ said...

Emily Joy, this greyish one is awesome! Unfortuantely, i don't know if I'd want my blog grey! If it weren't too much problem, could it be like really dark blue...and even perhaps without the words 'Fairy Tales' and I have a 3 column...would that be problem too? I love it though! If you can't do any of that, It's okay! Thanks for reminding me of your blog! =)

~Awel Prince~ said...

Oh, it doesn't have to be a 3 column, because I'm switching it from a 3 to a 2! :)