Friday, July 3, 2009

What I offer

If you are wondering what I offer when I give free makeovers, this is the post for you!

1. Header - You can put either a picture or I can make you another design. This has your blog title and if you want, your description.
2. Background (Just 2 Column {I don't do 3 Column anymore}) - This is the main background (Can you use the word in the definition?). You can have a design, or a plain color.
3. Footer - You usually put your copyright details on your footer. It goes at the very bottom of you blog.
4. Blog Button - These are so people can grab your image and put it on your blog, hopefully sending more people toward your blog! I can make these however you want. Matching your blog, or something totally different!
5. Header Menu - You can see an example of a header menu here on my design blog! It is located right under my header. People can click on each individual button and it will take them to a certain place on your blog, or it could just be a link to your favorite place!
6. Navigational menu - The same thing as a Header Menu, but on your sidebar.
7. Signature – I can create a signature for you, or make you one on My Live Signature (dot come).
8. Buttons – Whatever! These are things that go on your sidebar. You can have them link wherever... FaceBook, Twitter, you AOL page... really, whatever!
9. New NavBar - Your NavBar is the bar at the top of your blog that has 'Follow' 'Share' 'Report Abuse' 'Next Blog' and such. I can change that to Transparent light, Black, Blue, White, Cream, Transparent dark... etc.
10. Post divider – This is a divider that goes right under your posts! They are really pretty and I make them specifically to match your blog!
11. Frames - These can go around pics of your family, or whatever! Just let me know!
12. Fonts - These are fonts for your sidebar titles and post titles. Go here to see the fonts I use!
13. Stock Photo - This is a vector illustration that I can put in your header, button, whatever! However, THIS IS NOT FREE!!! YOU will have to buy this and send it to me, I will NOT buy any stock images. Sorry! :(

And if I'm offering something you don't want, just tell me!


Elizabeth J. said...

I wanted to let you know that I would like a blog button. I see that you have some spaces open! You can contact me on my blog.

Emily Shae said...

Hey, Thanks Emily! I am so thrilled to be a winner! I cannot wait!

Emily Shae said...

Yeah, I can do that, but can we do it by email....I don't want anyone getting a hold of my blog info. But of coarse I trust you!:)


~Quinlyn~ said...

Hey Emily!
I would like a blog button, please! :) My blog is! :)

~Quinlyn~ said...

Ok Emily, how do I send you my image? Do I just post it on my blog for you? :)

Mominct said...

Hi Emily! Can you tell more about your blog services? I'd like a template done for my blog!


Megan said...

Will you/ Can you give my blog: a Makeover in the next month?

Please feel free to visit my blog!

Megan said...

Here is what I want for my blog Makeover:
Background (2 column)
Blog button
Header Menu
Widget labels
post divider

I don't really have anything in mind...
My favorite colors are Purple ( LIGHT purple, like Lavender), Pink, Blue, and Green. But, for a background.... I'm leaning toward Green and blue, that would look really nice!
I live in the country.
I really like Flowers, Butterflies, Trees, Leafs, Basically any kind of nature!
I want EVERYTHING to match, in some way. I don't know, like if it doesn't match it bothers me... so ya.
The blog's name is: 1 Of 5
Well, If you need anymore info, let be know by commenting on my blog:

Thanks so much!
Megan <3

Adori Graphics said...

Your blog designs are looking really good Emily. You have a good idea what people want :)

Miranda said...

Can you please create me a blog button? Please contact me at my bolog. thanks!

Shelly said...

Hi Emily Joy! You have wonderful design skills! Are you still doing free makeovers?

donnyandshelly at yahoo dot com