Sunday, January 17, 2010

:::Welcome Back!!!:::

Welcome back my fellow bloggers! Sorry this blog has been private for so long... But I think that it was worth it! I got SO much done! My blog went from 'ok' to FABULOUS!!! Here are before and after shots:



YAY!!! Thank you all for being so patient with me!!!

Along with a new design, I also have a new policy. No more free makeovers. It got to be WAY to much for me to do free makeovers all the time! NO MORE!!! You can see my package deals if you want to see my pricing. This blog will be still under construction, but I will still try to post. Thanks everyone!


Adori Graphics said...

Emily Joy you did a great job, this looks super!

I totally hear you with the no free makeover thing - it's nice to do it for a while, but when it starts to eat into your life so that you have NO life, I think it's fair to ask for some compensation. I still feel kind of guilty about making charges though, even if they are relatively small :(

Shelly said...

Love your blog's new look Emily Joy!