Sunday, January 10, 2010

Terms and Conditions

***Here are the Terms and Conditions if you want a custom design by me!***

To Get A Makeover...

1. I will NOT make a custom makeover for anyone who's blog contains racism, pornography, extremism, etc. If I do not find your blog suitable, I will make the final decision, not anyone else.

2. You must write on your blog frequently - at least once a week. I will understand if you are on vacation or are taking time off, but for the most part, I expect the blog to be updated.

3. It cannot be a commercial blog. In other words, I only design blogs that are used for online journal uses. Not for blogs that you make money off of.

4. You must wait at least 1 month before getting a new background/header/makeover (Whether it be from me or elsewhere).

5. Read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before requesting your makeover.

6. You will need to give me your username and password. If you absolutely cannot give it to me, then contact me and I will try to help you. I will say, it is much more difficult if we do it through email.

When You Get Your Makeover...

1. Please give me time to make your design. I do have other designs I am working on also.

2. If you decide to change your background/header/makeover with-in a month, contact me before you do so.

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