Thursday, February 3, 2011

Article: 10 Tip For Getting More Comments

EVERYONE loves comments! But maybe you don't get as many as you'd like, or maybe you don't get any at all! In this article, I will give some pointers that will hopefully get you more comments!
  • Leave comments yourself! This is probably one of the most important tips! If you don't leave comments for other people, how do you expect people to leave comments for you? This is especially true for new Bloggers. If you have a new blog, most people have no idea it's out there! So it is very important to leave comments for other blogs, and you will find that you get more comments as well! Even though this might be the most important tip, it can also be the hardest to do! I know for myself, it's easier to just think 'What a great post that was!', and not say anything to the blog author about it! So take time to write just what you liked about that post, and not just slip over it.
  • TURN WORD VERIFICATION OFF!!! I can't say how important this tip is! I am immediately turned off if I see I need to use word verification! Sometimes I even leave the comment box. Really now, I am not a bot! Even if you DO get spam, you can just delete the comment! Or even setting it so that you must check the comments before they are published. And trust me, I WILL remember if you had word verification, and I am much less likely to leave a comment again.
  • Make pop-up comment boxes. This sort of goes along with the word verification tip... Making your comments pop-up, instead of having it embed at the bottom of the post makes me want to comment more! Here's an example: You find a post you like, and want to comment on it! So you click 'Add a Comment', or whatever the text is, and it automatically goes to that post so you can leave a comment:
 {click to enlarge}

         So I write out my comment, and click 'Post Comment'. But then I need to use the word verification! But
         by then, I'm already zoned out of comment-leaving mode :) Sometimes even, without thinking, I will
         close that window, and my comment will never be published because I didn't leave the word 
         verification! And then, if I remember to leave the word verification, it is posted and I have to click the
         back button many times to get back to the blog I was reading through! So all in all, using a pop-up
         window will increase your comments, and it is MUCH easier for your readers to use.
  • Ask a question. I don't usually get many comments on my 'rambling' posts {but they are SO much fun to write :)}, so sometimes I ask questions at the end of my posts. Example: If I'm talking about a specific movie, asking my readers 'what is your favorite movie? What type of movie do you like best?' will often give me more comments than I would usually have!
  • In your comment, do not beg and plead. There are many people who will leave me comments saying basically 'I love your blog! Please follow me!', and I'm immediately thinking {even if their blog is incredibly wonderful} 'Oooh, I don't want to follow them! They are having to beg for followers!'. So I know it's hard to just be 'happy' with how many followers you have {you'll always want more!}, I am at least 75% more likely to follow you if you do not beg me to. If you leave a sweet comment for me, even just an 'I love your blog!', I will click on your link and visit your blog! And if I like it, I will follow it! So begging and pleading does NOT work, it just makes me frustrated and unlikely to follow you.
  • Be open while blogging. There are some blogs that I just don't feel any connection to. Like, their posts don't really leave room for comments! For example: talking about a certain subject and then covering all the topics of that subject! What will their readers comment about then? 'Great post'? No, most people want to be included in your posts! To feel like they have a right to comment, and have something to say!
  • Make your blog load faster. There is a blog that I have never left a comment on, mostly because whenever I visit it, I get a headache! There is so much stuff on the sidebars, and a flash header, and posts chock FULL of pictures! All of these things are wonderful by themselves, but all jumbled together they make your blog incredibly slow. I love this blog so much, and I want to tell the blog author, but everytime I go to this blog, it takes a few minutes for it to load completely! So if your blog loads faster, I will more likely leave a comment.
  • Have some giveaways! Be generous! I know that not everyone can do this, but if you have the funds available, give some stuff away! I gave away a blog design package, and I got 30-some comments! That may not seem like a lot, but it sure was then! Having giveaways, you will find out who really reads your blog, because come on, no one can resist a giveaway :)
  • Build friendships. I became 'friends' with another Blogger, and now I leave a comment on almost every single one of her posts, and she does the same! If you become friends with other Bloggers, they are more likely to comment for you, if you comment for them :)
  • Reward your readers. If someone leaves a comment on your blog that you really like, post about it! Say 'this person left this wonderful comment on my blog, and I wanted to share it with everyone!' Have some guest posts! Guest posts are wonderful ways to get more readers! If you think about it, the person writing the guest post will most likely post on THEIR blog, 'Hey! I'm being featured on this blah blah blah blog... Check it out!', and THEIR readers will mosey on over to your blog to see their friends' post, and if they like what they see, they might continue reading your blog, and continue reading... and pretty soon you have new followers!
 I hope that at least one of these tips helps you get more comments!


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