Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another one for the portfolio...

Name: Shelly
What She Got:
Blog Button
Navigation Bar
Post Divider

Here are some of my favorite things Shelly got:


Thanks for letting me do this Shelly! It was so much fun!


Maggie said...

Very cute! You do some amazing designs.

Merry Christmas,

Shelly said...

Thanks so much Emily Joy! You are one very talented young lady. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Mia said...

Hi, my name is Mia. I was wondering if you could design my blog for me. I would love a light pink background with brown polka dots as a three column design and a cute, matching header. Then a navigational bar that says Home, About Me, and Contact Me. Also, a signature that says "Mia- An American Girl Lover". And a matching button would be amazing.

I hope my request doesn't sound mean, because I don't want it to sound that way by any means what so ever!

I will also be e-mailing this to you, because I relize sometimes we check our e-mail more than our blogs. :)


Wood, paper, glue and nails said...

You are 13?
You are one amazing girl! What a blessing you are to the world!
I wish for much sucess!
LeAnn H.
I have a guestion for you, how do you get your signature to be that beautil font?

Kay said...

I am so excited to have found you - this is amazing - all the stuff you can do! can you help me make pretty side bar titles? I love all your ideas.

Amelia said...

What a truly wonderful and giving site you have here! : )

Thank you so much for taking the time to come by and wish me such a sweet happy birthday wish! That is so sweet of you!

I hope to come back and see all the new things you have here on your blog, you are quite talented!

Blessings! ~Mrs. Amelia